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for Netiquette by Virginia Shea
published by Albion Books

The first and only book of network etiquette

"...mandatory reading for new users of the Internet. It should be bundled with every modem."

-- from the Foreword by Guy Kawasaki

Cyberspace is booming. Each month, millions of people are discovering the power of the Internet, online services, and corporate email systems. With this power comes responsibility.

People who wouldn't dream of burping at the end of a formal dinner post grossly offensive messages to international fourms. Middle managers inadvertently send romantic email messages to the company-wide email alias. People at computer terminals forget that there are real live people at the other end of the wire. Topics are lost in noise, feelings are hurt, reputations are damaged, time and bandwidth are wasted.

There's no longer an excuse. This book brings etiquette to the bustling frontiers of cyberspace. In a series of entertaining essays, the author establsihes the do's and the don'ts of communication online, from the Golden Rule to the art of the flame, from the elements of electronic style to virtual sex. Accessible to both network wizard and clueless newbie, this is the first and only book to offer the guidance that all users need to be perfectly polite online.

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Virginia Shea has been a student of human nature all her life. She attended Princeton University and has worked in Silicon Valley since the mid-1980s. She now lives in Sunnyvale, California, with her husband and their four cats.

Albion Books

USA $19.95
Edition 1.0
ISBN 0-9637025-1-3

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