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Table 1

:-)	Smile; laugh; ¬I'm joking║

:-(	Frown; sadness; ¬Bummer║

:)	Variant of :-) or ¬Have a nice day║

:(	Variant of :-(

;-)	Wink; denotes a pun or sly joke

:-O	Yelling or screaming; or completely shocked

:-()	Can't (or won't) stop talking

:-D	Big, delighted grin

:-P	Sticking out your tongue

:-] or :-}	Sarcastic smile

%-)	Confused but happy; drunk or under the influence of controlled substances

%-(	Confused and unhappy

:'-(	Crying

:'-)	Crying happy tears

:-|	Can't decide how to feel; no feelings either way

:-\	Mixed but mostly happy

:-/	Mixed but mostly sad

*		Kiss

{} or []	Hug

{{{***}}}	Hugs and kisses

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