[nog] Welcome

Marian Marinov mm at 1h.com
Wed Apr 16 17:33:56 EEST 2014

Hi everyone.

I want to welcome you this mailing list and explain the Acceptable Use Policy.

- The official language of the list is English, to make it easier/possible for the people from the neighbouring 
countries (e.g. Romania, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia) to understand us, as they asked for this at the RIPE meeting.

- The list will not allow non-members to post (mostly as an anti-spam measure). Your email from a non-subscribed address 
might get through, but there will definitely be some delay.

- The list will have moderation only in emergency.

- We do not share or sell your information to any third parties.

- Spam mailings and/or commercial use of the email list are potential grounds for ban.

- Use of offensive language is not welcome.

Currently list administrators are:
  HackMan - Marian Marinov
  ManiaX  - Vasil Kolev

Best regards,
Marian Marinov
Founder & CEO of 1H Ltd.
Jabber/GTalk: hackman at jabber.org
ICQ: 7556201
Mobile: +359 886 660 270

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