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Marian Marinov mm at 1h.com
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On 08/12/2014 12:58 PM, Ivan Popov wrote:
> On 30.07.2014 г. 13:18 ч., Marian Marinov wrote: Hi, I'm preparing to build a redundant router setup for a client
> of mine.
> The requirements are routing up to 10Gbit/s with relatively low pps(for these speeds). And having full BGP table 
> running on the same machine.
> I'm considering using Linux but I'm curious would you advise me to go to BSD and if so, which, NetBSD or FreeBSD?
> And since this will be my first attempt at building such routers, do you have any suggestion for the hardware(CPU, 
> RAM, NICs)?
> Marian
> Did you finish your 10G  Open Source project?  What was your choice Linux? BSD? Some derivatives like VyOS?

Ivan, I'm starting with the project next week. I looked trough VyOS and as good as i
I chose Linux, Slackware to be precise.
I'll replace/add some system tools:
- - iproute2
- - iptables
- - ebtables
- - ipset

I'll have custom build:
- - Linux kernel 3.14.16
- - OpenVswitch
- - bridge utils
- - keepalived
- - conntrackd
- - quagga (multiple routing tables support)
- - bird

I'm looking at removing some features from the Linux network stack, but its still too early to say.

I'll experiment also with nftables and snabbswitch.

Maybe in a month I'll have enough info for a decent presentation on the subject :)

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