[nog] IPv6

Vasil Kolev vasil at ludost.net
Tue Sep 2 11:18:46 EEST 2014

On Tue, 2014-09-02 at 10:50 +0300, Marian Marinov wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm preparing to configure my Ripe Atlas Anchor in Sofia and I wish to have both IPv4 and IPv6 for it.
> Since I don't have much experience with IPv6 I would like to ask a few questions :)
> - If I want to use a /64 from my RIPE provided IPv6 addresses, do I need to give another /64 to my uplink ISP for
> transport?
> - I have received /64 from my ISP but I did not receive any transport IPs. Is this normal?

>From what I've seen, there has to be a link-specific network, and to
route a /64 through it. In most cases there should be more than a /64
routed, e.g. a /60 or something (as people have more than one segment

For the link network it's an open question. A lot of people say "just
use /64", but I have seen /126, /112 and all other kinds of

If you got just one /64, most probably the people who assigned it to you
had no idea what they were doing :) 

Vasil Kolev

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