[nog] BGP workshop in Plovdiv

Marian Marinov mm at 1h.com
Thu Jan 25 01:00:17 EET 2018

Hi guys,
I'm planning on organizing a BGP workshop in Plovdiv on 17.Feb.

The place will be SiteGround's Office, just across Mall Plovdiv.

What will I have at the workshop:
* 2 Routers - taking the role of your upstream ISPs
* 2 Routers - taking the role of 2 Internet Exchanges(IX)
* managed switch with dedicated port for each of you
* a /24 IPv4 prefix and /48 IPv6 prefix

Each participant will receive a list with the following details:
- VLAN to connect to ISP1
- /30 prefix for connection to ISP1
- VLAN to connect to ISP2
- /30 prefix for connection to ISP2
- VLAN to connect to IX1
- /30 prefix for connection to IX1
- VLAN to connect to IX2
- /30 prefix for connection to IX2
- a /24 RFC1918 prefix for traffic in the Internet Exchanges
- If you don't have Linux, I will have some USB flash drives with preinstalled Xubuntu, with Quagga and Bird preinstalled.

The workshop is free. However I need to know how many people are we going to expect, so please register here:


The plan for the workshop is:
1. peer with both ISPs and to receive the full BGP table.
2. peer with both Internet Exchanges and announce
3. peer with your neighboors by port :)
4. repeat points 1-3 for IPv6
5. play with prepending and selective announcements
6. experiment with communities

All routers will also support BFD, if you are interested.
We can also try ECMP or Anycast an RFC1918 /24 prefix.

Best regards,

Marian Marinov
Founder & CEO of 1H Ltd.
Jabber/GTalk: hackman at jabber.org
ICQ: 7556201
IRC: hackman @ irc.freenode.net
Mobile: +359 886 660 270

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