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Marian Marinov mm at siteground.com
Mon Mar 4 22:40:17 EET 2019

After the workshops I updated the github repo with more information about the workshops.

Now there is a "How-to" for the bgp workshops :)

Also I updated the scripts that generate client data and vlan setup.

I hope that you find it useful.

One thing, that I don't have is working configuration for OpenBGPd.
If anyone of you is using it. Could you please provide me with working example config and also include the proper configuration for:
 - setting source IP (per prefix or device)
 - filtering your own prefix
 - enabling BFD

On 2/21/19 5:29 PM, Marian Marinov wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I'm organizing two BGP workshops on 02 and 03.March.
> 02.March in initLab in Sofia
> 03.March in SiteGround HQ in Plovdiv
> These events are free.
> Everyone participating is expected to bring their own laptop, that can run Linux or an OS with a BGP capable network daemon.
> You will then configure VLANs between you and two ISPs and two Internet Exchanges(IX) and finally add VLANs to your neighboors.
> After that, you will setup IPv4 and v6 BGP sessions with each participating party.
> At the end of the event we will also play with BGP communities, local_preferences and if someone wants, ECMP.
> Anything more advanced can be discussed during the event.
> We will have one or two 48 port managed switches.
> The routers of the two ISPs and two IXes are Linux Containers running Bird 1.6 or 2.0
> During the workshops, we will also discuss RPKI and if time allows try to play a bit with ROA records and their implementation in Bird or other BGP daemons.
> Best regards,
> Marian
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