[nog] RIPE SEE 11 regional meeting in Split - Call for Presentations

Gergana Petrova gpetrova at ripe.net
Tue Jan 17 19:25:04 EET 2023

Hi all,

For anyone interested, please see below the call for presentations for 
SEE 11 in Split on 4-5 April.


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Dear SEE community,

The 11th South East European RIPE NCC Regional Meeting (SEE 11) will
take place from 4-5 April 2023 in Split, Croatia.

The SEE Programme Committee (PC) is now seeking content proposals from
the community for the talks at SEE 11. We are looking for submissions
covering network engineering and operations, including but not limited to:

IPv6 deployment
Managing IPv4 scarcity in operations
Network migrations from IPv4 to IPv6
Commercial transactions of IPv4 addresses
Data centre technologies
Network and DNS operations
Network monitoring and measurements
Network management and automation
Internet governance and regulatory practices
Network and routing security
Content delivery
Internet peering and mobile data exchange
Efforts to establish IXPs in the region
Reports from existing IXPs
Regional success stories
Community Development & Wellbeing
Sustainability and Green Tech

More information on


Cheers, Jan Žorž
on behalf of SEE PC, chair

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