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Tocho Tochev tocho at tochev.net
Sat Dec 5 20:45:10 EET 2020


Sorry for the delayed response.

Regarding your first question, about the possibility of a co-working desk:
- currently due to COVID-19 there is government enforced lockdown
     - as a result we do not do any co-working, we even encourage people 
not to come to the lab if it can be avoided
     - this may change, but it is doubtful that normal co-working would 
be a possibility before the spring/summer
- we scrapped the fixed co-working desks, because we decided the space 
would better suit a hardware room (3D printing), so we currently have 
only what we call "flex" desk
     - this means you don't have a dedicated desk
     - if you have a PC you have to store it away after you leave (we 
have member boxes, but they are not locked)
     - events in the lab take priority
         - they are after working hours/on weekends and we have several 
rooms, there is only one event (preparation for a conference) that lasts 
a week (around the first week of November), so in practice it shouldn't 
be a problem for someone working with EU working hours
     - about the calls - people have them, some prefer to go to other 
rooms or the hallway, but we do not offer any type of "conference 
room"/"dedicated call booth"
     - given the above, there is less expectation of business but more 
of a community, so the price and the conditions reflect it
     - the membership for flex desk is EUR 32 per month
     - note that these were the conditions before the pandemic, we do 
not know what will happen after the lockdown is lifted

Regarding the second question, the possibility of finding someone for 
the job, we have unwritten policy of not posting job offers, exceptions 
have been made for volunteer work.
That being said, if the person is going to do mostly open source work, 
it is my personal belief, that there might be some people that will be 
interested, depending on the type of work.
So if you are still looking for a dev, please give more information 
about the expected work (at least for the foreseeable future), 
languages/technologies, how much is to be open source, a contact email, 
and we can check by word of mouth if anybody is interested.


On 28/11/2020 16.35, 'Phil Weir' via Управителен Съвет wrote:
> Hello,
> I visited initlab a couple of years ago, when setting up as a self-employed
> open source coder. Since then, I've managed to start a small team in
> Belfast building mostly open source products, but have always wanted to
> keep a link to Sofia.
> We are looking at ways to take on someone remotely there, maybe to start a
> base in Sofia if things go well - probably a mid-level Dev (mix of tech) at
> a reasonable full-time salary doing mostly open source code - two questions
> please:
> - is it possible to rent a desk there for someone full-time (who would be
> doing online calls pretty regularly)
> - is it worth reaching out to see if there's folks in the Hackerspace
> community that might be interested in that position?
> Many thanks
> Phil
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