[Us] Makerspace Thesis update

Drew Vincent iba3413 at HS-Worms.DE
Wed Jan 8 19:28:56 EET 2020


I am following up on my previous email about makerspaces after some 
I had feedback after the first email and adapted this process. I have 
enclosed a new survey on a secure server as some people expressed 
concerns about saving their data on the google server. That link is here 
(and still only a 2 minute survey). If you have already filled it out 
then there is no need to do it again.


Thank you for all the valuable feedback so far, especially the critical 
University of Applied Sciences - Hochschule Worms, Germany
drew.vincent at hs-worms.de

A bit more information for the curious of what I am hoping to accomplish 

I started out with site visits to spaces through Europe and Canada. As I 
toured these spaces and inquired about the way they grew and challenges 
along the way many common trends emerged.  Each new problem and stage in 
growth was quite similar to other spaces in principal, but with 
completely different approaches, largely built on the experience and 
expertise of the membership.

As I visited these spaces and heard their challenges current and past 
challenges I was able to share an example from another space that had a 
great solution to it, connecting founders along the way and sharing some 
of the interesting things I had seen.

 From this, I decided that I could include an additional portion of my 
research, a wiki tool where spaces can share these best practices. I 
plan to synthesise these best practices from my interviews into 
categories and open source share this upon the conclusion of my 

My interest with makerspaces lay with the community they develop, a 
sense of place for a group of people, I hope that we can create a 
similar community of resources for spaces to assist each other, stop 
innovating the same challenges and find new challenges and opportunities 
to grow. Let's turn "How do you manage broken tool reporting" into 
something much more impactful.

I ask in the survey about existing resources in an effort to find a 
common one and connect with them to see about contributing these 
findings to their resources instead of trying to create a new 
platform/brand for this.


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