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Marian Marinov mm at 1h.com
Tue Nov 25 01:19:01 EET 2014

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a few months ago, while it was still warm :) ManiaX, me and Boyan Krosnov were talking about the possibility to start
running our own connectivity on top of the MAN in Sofia :)

We were discussing the low quality of the services offered by the big ISPs and also the lack of access to people that
actually know what we are talking about.

The solution, one network build by experts, especially for experts.

Since most people in Sofia can easily get direct access port to the MAN network in the city. With that access, most of
us can do direct peering and routing on our own machines, allowing alternative for traffic relaying and also adding
TOR on top of that network.

Does this idea sounds good to you guys? :)

It can be a very interesting initiative of NOG.BG.

Do you have any ideas on how we can expand this idea and even start making it a reality?

In the end I want to point out, that this would not be a customer facing network, it would be a network controlled
entirely by a community of network engineers, without company policies trying to break it.


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