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Boyan Krosnov boyan at krosnov.org
Sat Nov 29 00:38:46 EET 2014

Here's my two cents.

So far we've purchased 2x Dell 8024F (24x 10GE SFP) and 2x Mellanox 
IS5025 (36x IB QDR) switches off ebay. We use them in our testing lab, 
with frequent reconfiguration, but in a closed environment. Here's a 
photo of the IB switches 
https://twitter.com/bkrosnov/status/494775865101017088 . We are 
extremely happy with these purchases.

In terms of using low-cost gear for production environments, I think 
network operators have a lot to learn from web companies. If you design 
your system so that you don't care if a few devices fail, then you don't 
depend on hardware so much. I know this is hard to achieve in complex 
network topologies, but emerging trends/technologies such as OpenFlow 
and "bare metal and white box switches" are coming to help it along.

Best regards,

On 2014-11-28 03:17, Boyan Kurtev wrote:
> Hi Marian,
> My experience with used/refurbished network gear from eBay & Amazon is 
> positive as well.
> Is it a good or bad idea ? Well...it depends ! If you are looking for 
> networking equipment
> for study/training - there is no better/cheaper alternative. But if 
> you are looking for
> equipment for your production/business critical environment - then my 
> simple answer is NO.
> I always purchase new equipment ( or use existing spare ) for new 
> sites, and always with
> vendor support ( SmartNet in my case )
> There are a lot more factors than just the price of your your network 
> gear.
> If you or the management is ready to accept the risk of network downtime,
> that's OK - you can use whatever equipment you like. It's your network 
> after all.
> Another economical alternative is to have hot/cold spare in your 
> office ( if you don't
> have support contract ) and simply replace faulty device.
> By the way are the switches you bought Dell PowerConnect ?
> Regards,
> Boyan
> 2014-11-28 10:29 GMT+10:00 Marian Marinov <mm at 1h.com <mailto:mm at 1h.com>>:
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>     Hi guys,
>     I'm curious, what is your opinion about buying second hand network
>     gear from eBay?
>     My experience so far is excellent. I bought 3 48port 1Gbit/s
>     switches for under 200$ each in very good condition.
>     I have the same ones in my racks and they were more then 1000euro
>     when I bought them as new.
>     What type of network equipment would you buy second hand?
>     Marian
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