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Ivan Popov ipopov at evolink.com
Tue Sep 2 11:45:43 EEST 2014

On 02.09.2014 г. 10:50 ч., Marian Marinov wrote:
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> Hi guys,
> I'm preparing to configure my Ripe Atlas Anchor in Sofia and I wish to have both IPv4 and IPv6 for it.
> Since I don't have much experience with IPv6 I would like to ask a few questions :)
> - - If I want to use a /64 from my RIPE provided IPv6 addresses, do I need to give another /64 to my uplink ISP for
> transport?
> - - I have received /64 from my ISP but I did not receive any transport IPs. Is this normal?
> Marian
It depends... as usual
By RIPE's  recommendations /64 IPv6 Networks should be assigned to end 
users and by definition end users should not deal with BGP, routers and 
other networking mumbo-jumbo's
I don't know details about your current setup with ISP but it's probably 
follows well known logic: 1'st address is default gateway so you must 
just assign IPv6 address to end station and point it to the "default 
gateway". ISP will advertise aggregated prefixes (incl. your /64) to 
entire world

About IPv6 p2p links we can refer to RFC6164 

Probably this is not your case but ... KISS forever! :)

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