[nog] Regional Internet Forum, 8 March, Belgrade

Gergana Petrova gpetrova at ripe.net
Thu Feb 16 17:04:38 EET 2017

Dear all,

This email is not related to my employer, just thought it might be 
useful to share this event with you:

Regional Internet Forum (RIF) takes place in Metropol Palace hotel in 
Belgrade on 8 March. Participation is free of charge:

They have an interesting program lined up:

The event is hosted by the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry 
(RNIDS), as the second day of the Serbian Internet Domains Day – DIDS.

"RIF 2017 will bring together representatives of national internet 
domain registries in the region of Southeast Europe, representatives of 
state bodies, members of the local internet communities and global 
internet organizations, as well as experts from the region with academic 
and practical experience.

Discussions on the RIF 2017 will be dedicated to the role of national 
registries in the region, their relationships with state institutions 
and other stakeholders within local Internet communities, the challenges 
of information security faced by the registries and exploration of ideas 
for cooperation and joint projects."

I hope you find this useful.

Best regards / Поздрави,

Gergana Petrova
External Relations

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