[Us] Official request for a price quote regarding membership and "Flexible workplace" package

Vladimir Vassilev vloo at initlab.org
Thu Aug 24 10:41:06 EEST 2017

Hello, Sotiris,

Thank you for your inquiry! You must have already seen the prices for our
coworking service on the same page where you read about the protected
species - 128 BGN is the monthly fee for having 24/7 access and reserved
work spot, 64 BGN for same access level but not having a reserved work spot
- then you can work on any available chair and desk in the hackerspace
which is still not reserved or taken. One think to have in mind is that
with the 64 BGN membership you will have to move to other room when an
event is being organized at the place where you are seated. Events usually
happen in the evenings and can be seen in our calendar

Usage of the printer is for free, apart from that we don't provide lockers
or any other special service that I can think of. Let me know if you have
any other questions!

Best regards,

Vladimir Vassilev
root @ init Lab
+359 885 448475

On Sun, Aug 20, 2017 at 9:40 PM, Sotiris G. Yiannatos <yiannatos at gmx.com>

> Dear Sir,
> I would like to join your community and become part of the Coworking space
> as a " a 'protected species'" (as you mentioned on your page " Ако не си
> член, то можеш да го заявиш чрез този формуляр , където можеш да уточниш,
> че имаш желание да си 'защитен вид'. ").
> I will be on a business trip to Bulgaria next month in order to
> incorporate a new company in Sofia and start working with local partners
> and affiliates for the next few months. So, it's important to have a base
> in the city to work with and to make the proper arrangements.
> So, could you please send me a price list for the memberships and any
> other services (locker, key card access, etc) combined with them?
> I tried to read the information on your website but it seems a little
> complicated because I don't understand the bulgarian language very well; at
> least yet.
> If I got it right, then it seems that the choice of "Flexible workplace"
> may work perfect for me for the next few months.
> But I would like to be certain before making any decision.
> Thank you in advance for your time, support and cooperation.
> Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
> Kind regards,
> Sotiris
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