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Alexander Vasilev alexander.dorn at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 19:37:15 EET 2017

Така, явно ще съм филтър за спам и не спам за запитвания и предложения
касаещи хакерспейса.
Вижте това дали би му било интересно на някой хардуерист.
Другите мейли мисля, че мога да ви ги спестя, но ако някой му е интересен
спам от рода - елате и си наемете помещение при нас - много е евтино... да
каже - ще ви ги пращам и такива : )

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From: Merili Auser <merili at buildit.ee>
Date: 18 January 2017 at 16:41
Subject: Buildit Accelerator next batch - help us to find great startups
To: alexander.dorn at gmail.com
Cc: Maarja Pehk <maarja at buildit.ee>

Hello, Alexander!

I’m writing from Buildit Accelerator <http://www.buildit.ee/> in Estonia
which is focusing mainly on *hardware and creative industries startups*. We
have a new programme coming up this spring and as most of our outstanding
teams come through the referrals from the wide network of our friends and
partners, so we’d really appreciate if you help us spread the word by
sharing this information with any relevant startups in your network.

Applications to our 7th batch are open until *31 January*. Get those
creative industries and hardware startups over to us as soon as possible.
Read more about the programme  <http://www.buildit.ee/#what-section>and get
already acquainted to our top-notch mentors <http://www.buildit.ee/mentors>
. Apply here  <http://www.fundacity.com/builditaccelerator/apply/1142>by 31
January or contact us if you have any questions.

Accepted teams get a month long intense mentoring programme, accompanied by
different training sessions and field trips and team living expenses are
covered during the programme by a flat 3000 EUR investment. Successful
teams will be also joining us for our follow-on programme.

I’ve also included links to our social media posts on  Facebook
 and Twitter <https://twitter.com/BuilditAcc/status/819498721608089601> and
I’d be very grateful if you could share these too.

If you have any questions please let me or our COO Maarja Pehk (Cc-d) know.

Thank you very much in advance.

Merili Auser
Marketing assistant
Buildit accelerator
T: +372 58 173 521 <+372%205817%203521> | S: merili.auser

FB: fb.com/BuilditAccelerator  <http://www.facebook.com/builditaccelerator>
Twitter: @Builditacc <http://www.twitter.com/builditacc>
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