[Us] [easyDNS] GDPR Action Required. Sorry, but true...

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Message from easyDNS Technologies Inc.

## [easyDNS] GDPR Action Required. Sorry, but true...  

## Review and update your data use preferences  
Thank you for choosing easyDNS Technologies Inc..  
The service provider has updated the data use basis for one or more of the products that you own. Please take a moment to review and update your data use consent preferences.   
[Update your data use consent preferences](https://approve.easydns.com/consent/6e8a4404-637b-11e8-8fb0-0242ac110009)  
**You are in control of your data.** Your privacy is important to us. Please take the time to review your consent preferences.   
Thank you,  
easyDNS Technologies Inc.  

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