[Us] Хардуер за Лаба

Vladimir Vassilev vloo at initlab.org
Sun Oct 14 17:44:10 EEST 2018

Ей това ми писа някакъв италианец във фб страницата:

hello Init lab! I have some IBM server and Cisco devices to give away. Soon
I'll drive from Italy to Sofia and I can deliver them to you. Free of
charge of course. Would you like it?

Hardware list:

* IBM X3400
* IBM X3200 M3

both support VT

* IBM X226
* IBM X206

These last two should be Intel ME free

* Cisco 2801
* Catalyst 2960

* A 32 bit fanless pc

* 16 sata bays (3.5") external storage
* a handful of sata/sas controllers
* a few dozens hard drives (different capacity and format: SCSI and SATA)

Какво да му пиша?

Vladimir Vassilev
root @ init Lab
+359 885 448475
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