[Us] 30 Day Renewal Reminder 2019-02-07

easyDNS Technologies Inc. hostmaster at easydns.com
Wed Jan 9 04:27:26 EET 2019

Message from easyDNS Technologies Inc.

Dear Customer,  
This is an automated message regarding your domain.  

Your domain name(s) will expire in 30 days. Act now to avoid any disruption to email or website services and avoid losing your chosen name.

If you have set up auto renew payments, then we will process your credit card 15 days prior to the expiry date.  

The domain name(s) due for renewal are:  
|  Domain Name  |  Expiry Date  |  Days Until Expiry   
initlab.org  |  2019-02-07  |  29   
Thank you for your attention.
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