[Us] Fwd: help installing coreboot / помощ за инсталиране на coreboot

Vladimir Vassilev vloo at initlab.org
Sat Dec 12 11:07:04 EET 2020

Венци, или който друг има интерес, нека каже какво да му пиша на младежа
относно виждането за оправянето на проблема или да каже, че е ок да му дам
мейла, за да си се разбират. Ще си му обясня стандартните неща за Лаба :)

Vladimir Vassilev
root @ init Lab
+359 885 448475
https://initlab.org <http://initlab.org/>

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From: Juuso <Juuso.Taipale at protonmail.com>
Date: Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 9:53 PM
Subject: Re: help installing coreboot / помощ за инсталиране на coreboot
To: Vladimir Vassilev <vloo at initlab.org>

Oh im sorry i didnt take into account the covid situation currently, do you
currently have the space closed ?

i will be most likely arriving to sofia during new years, from bucharest,
i am not covid positive, so far trough previous tests but in case you have
the space closed is there a person i could get in contact privately for
this, and do you have any idea how much i should prepare to compensate for
his/her time ?

-Juuso taipale

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On Monday, December 7, 2020 3:07 AM, Vladimir Vassilev <vloo at initlab.org>

Hi, Juuso,

Yes, we have someone in the hacklab who could probably be able to help. I
am not sure what will the covid situation be like in January in Bulgaria so
I can't promise you that visiting the the hackerspace would be limited in
some way, but let's touch base again once you are around, so that we can
arrange something.


Vladimir Vassilev
root @ init Lab
+359 885 448475
https://initlab.org <http://initlab.org/>

On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 1:55 PM Juuso <Juuso.Taipale at protonmail.com> wrote:

> i need help installing coreboot to a thinkpad t420s, do you have anyone at
> the hacklab that could help me out with this problem, i could pay a small
> fee for some help obviously because this requires a separate pc, a pomona
> clip and a raspberry pi, i would be in sofia in january so any help would
> be appreciated
> имам нужда от помощ при инсталирането на coreboot на thinkpad t420s, имате
> ли някой в хакала, който би могъл да ми помогне с този проблем, бих могъл
> да платя малка такса за някаква помощ, очевидно, защото това изисква
> отделен компютър, помощна скоба и малинов пи , щях да съм в София през
> януари, така че всяка помощ ще бъде оценена
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