[Us] help installing coreboot / помощ за инсталиране на coreboot

Vladimir Vassilev vloo at initlab.org
Mon Dec 14 20:58:51 EET 2020

Hi, Juuso,

As long as you are not sick while in Bulgaria, we'll figure out a way t
help you when you visit the hackerspace. Just email us (literally
us at Initlab.org) a couple of days ahead of this, so that someone capable to
help can arrange the time for it.

As of the compensation - I have no clue, but I doubt it this would get even
close to the amount a professional service would charge you. We are a
hackerspace and a community of (somewhat) helpful geeks after all :)

See you around!

Vladimir Vassilev
root @ init Lab
+359 885 448475
https://initlab.org <http://initlab.org/>

On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 9:53 PM Juuso <Juuso.Taipale at protonmail.com> wrote:

> Oh im sorry i didnt take into account the covid situation currently, do
> you currently have the space closed ?
> i will be most likely arriving to sofia during new years, from bucharest,
> romania
> i am not covid positive, so far trough previous tests but in case you have
> the space closed is there a person i could get in contact privately for
> this, and do you have any idea how much i should prepare to compensate for
> his/her time ?
> Greetings
> -Juuso taipale
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> On Monday, December 7, 2020 3:07 AM, Vladimir Vassilev <vloo at initlab.org>
> wrote:
> Hi, Juuso,
> Yes, we have someone in the hacklab who could probably be able to help. I
> am not sure what will the covid situation be like in January in Bulgaria so
> I can't promise you that visiting the the hackerspace would be limited in
> some way, but let's touch base again once you are around, so that we can
> arrange something.
> Cheers!
> Vladimir Vassilev
> root @ init Lab
> +359 885 448475
> https://initlab.org <http://initlab.org/>
> On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 1:55 PM Juuso <Juuso.Taipale at protonmail.com>
> wrote:
>> i need help installing coreboot to a thinkpad t420s, do you have anyone
>> at the hacklab that could help me out with this problem, i could pay a
>> small fee for some help obviously because this requires a separate pc, a
>> pomona clip and a raspberry pi, i would be in sofia in january so any help
>> would be appreciated
>> имам нужда от помощ при инсталирането на coreboot на thinkpad t420s,
>> имате ли някой в хакала, който би могъл да ми помогне с този проблем, бих
>> могъл да платя малка такса за някаква помощ, очевидно, защото това изисква
>> отделен компютър, помощна скоба и малинов пи , щях да съм в София през
>> януари, така че всяка помощ ще бъде оценена
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